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An End of Summer Celebration

Growing up, I adored the long, lazy days of summer. During my summer break from school, I could usually be found reading a book, sipping lemonade, playing catch, or hula-hooping. A couple of weeks before my summer break was due to end, I started dreading the thought of returning to school. Do you have kids who are sad about the prospect of going back to school? Consider taking your children’s minds off of school by treating the whole family at a favorite restaurant. While everyone is eating favorite foods, family members can reminisce about the amazing summers they’ve had. On this blog, you will discover the best types of restaurants to host an end of summer celebration at.


3 Tips To Help Take-Out Food Survive The Ride Home

When you order take-out food from a restaurant, you want the food to last for the ride home and have the same quality as if you were to order it inside a restaurant. You don't want food to get squished together or messed up or to lose its heat. If you order a lot of take-out, then you can implement a variety of tips to help your food survive the ride.

Check out some tips to help make your take-out experience pleasant and enjoy fresh food every time you order from a take-out location.

1. Insulated Bag

For years, the pizza industry has relied on insulated bags to keep pizzas warm when they deliver from restaurants. The technology has only improved and led to a consumer market filled with insulated bags. An insulated bag can keep your food hot for the ride home. Ideally, you want to carry the bag right into the restaurant and place your take-out inside.

With your food in the bag, you do not need to worry about exposing your food to the air outside and cooling your food. Look for a bag with a high heat rating that can keep the items protected for the duration of your trip home. You can use other pockets within the bag to hold extra food accessories like napkins, disposable cutlery, and condiments.

2. Bag Clips & Seatbelts

As you drive home, a sudden stop or sharp curve can create disaster for your take-out food. Help keep food protected with the use of a seatbelt or a bag clip set-up. Some niche products offer specific protection for take-out bags and can securely clip them into place. If you use an option like an insulated bag, then you can use a seatbelt to secure the bag in place.

When you use a seatbelt, just make sure you don't buckle it too tight and squish the food down.

3. Car Air Settings

No matter what the temperature is outside, you want to circulate the air properly inside of the car. Instead of using the fresh air option, consider the recirculating air. With recirculation, you can keep the fresh scents of the food in the car and do not need to impact the smell or taste of your food with anything from the outside air.

The recirculated air will keep the car warmer for longer. The more you drive to pick up take-out, the more you will learn the best settings for your vehicle.

Consider some of these tips for your future take-out orders