An End of Summer Celebration

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An End of Summer Celebration

Growing up, I adored the long, lazy days of summer. During my summer break from school, I could usually be found reading a book, sipping lemonade, playing catch, or hula-hooping. A couple of weeks before my summer break was due to end, I started dreading the thought of returning to school. Do you have kids who are sad about the prospect of going back to school? Consider taking your children’s minds off of school by treating the whole family at a favorite restaurant. While everyone is eating favorite foods, family members can reminisce about the amazing summers they’ve had. On this blog, you will discover the best types of restaurants to host an end of summer celebration at.


Four Ways To Plan An Elegant Dinner Party

When planning a dinner party, you want to plan an elegant event that your guests will remember forever. Fortunately, accomplishing this goal isn't impossible if you know what to do. Here are just some of the tools you can use to plan an elegant dinner part.

Reserve A Private Dining Space

Inviting someone to a dinner party is in no way a declaration that they will be enjoying a meal prepared by you. It's simply an invitation to enjoy dinner together so consider private dining. Your guests will be nothing less than wowed to learn that you have reserved a dining space for your event. Private dining offers all the benefits of being in your home, including the luxury of personal space, but without the hard work preparing and cleaning up.

Be Personal

True elegance is in the details. Adding personal elements when it comes to the décor of the party space is a great step. For instance, instead of using traditional name cards to show everyone their seat assignment, do something different. One option is to have wine glasses crafted with the names of each guest inscribed on them. In addition to serving as a seating assignment for the table, this also offers a memorable gift each person can take away with them.  

Create A Theme

Consider incorporating a theme for your dinner party. Two elegant theme ideas are Great Gatsby or Roaring 20s. From tailored tuxedos to beautiful beaded gowns, asking your guests to look the part will add a level of class to your event and also make for a lot of laughter and enjoyment. To make things easier for your guests, research local costume rental companies in your local area and provide your guests with their contact information.

Remember Less Is More

When it comes to elegance, the mantra that less is more reigns supreme. This is very important when it comes to decorations. Even if you are planning a themed event, the quickest way to downgrade an event from classy to trashy is clutter. A simple table display with a beautiful tablecloth and centerpiece is pretty much all you need to set the tone for your dinner party. Even if you are hosting the event in a private dining space or with a caterer, like Silicon Valley Corporate Catering and Event Management, you can request minimal table clutter.

Make sure you are putting forth an effort to plan a memorable and elegant dinner party for your guests to enjoy.