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An End of Summer Celebration

Growing up, I adored the long, lazy days of summer. During my summer break from school, I could usually be found reading a book, sipping lemonade, playing catch, or hula-hooping. A couple of weeks before my summer break was due to end, I started dreading the thought of returning to school. Do you have kids who are sad about the prospect of going back to school? Consider taking your children’s minds off of school by treating the whole family at a favorite restaurant. While everyone is eating favorite foods, family members can reminisce about the amazing summers they’ve had. On this blog, you will discover the best types of restaurants to host an end of summer celebration at.


4 Must-Try Tex Mex Dishes

If you're in the southwest, you'll find that Tex-Mex dishes are in abundance. In addition to this, they are relatively easy to construct, so you might find that you're making them at home quite often. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn of a few of the best Mexican variations that you absolutely have to try.

Breakfast Tacos

Breakfast tacos are a variation on a classic Mexican dish. Common knowledge dictates that breakfast tacos are simply a bit of classic American breakfast foods stuffed into a tortilla; that is, in fact, correct. This hearty, but small, dish, usually consists of scrambled eggs, potatoes, beans and cheese. It is recommended that you add chorizo to your dish for a spicy meatiness flavor.

Chili Con Carne

This savory, dense Tex-Mex dish is for true meat lovers. Although Texas is known for its chili, chili con carne truly takes the take. It should be constructed from fresh black beans and huge, fresh chunks of carne asada that are grilled before adding them into this slow cook feast. In order for this dish to be truly complete, it needs a bit of spice. Fresh jalapeno peppers or chilis should adorn the top of this dish before it is served.

Puffy Tacos

This taco type is endemic to San Antonio. It earned its title due to the masa shell encasing it; it is lightly fried until it puffs up into an airy, crispy shell. It doesn't have the crunch factor that a normal hard shell taco does, either. It is quite delicate and can even fall apart as soon as you put it into your mouth. Traditionally, puffy tacos are jam packed with lettuce, salsa, cheese, and of course, a meat of your choosing.

Steak Fajitas

This is another deceptively simple dish that is a Tex-Mex classic. Steak fajitas are a traditional fajita, served with all of the usual fixings, such as guacamole, grilled onion, cheese, and any other number of adornments that you like. The key to a great steak fajita, however, is grilling the skirt steak as hot as you can. A medium done steak is traditionally used in the construction of this dish.

Tex-Mex is a style that is home to some of the best Mexican variations on the market. Hopefully, you have learned about just a few of the dishes that you absolutely must try. If you're looking for a Mexican restaurant in your area, visit El Chico Cafe.