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Why Dining at a Peruvian Restaurant Is a Healthy Choice

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Are you trying to think of a healthy cuisine to enjoy when dining at restaurants? Trying out a restaurant that serves Peruvian cuisine is worth giving some consideration, as many of the dishes contain healthy foods. There are usually a variety of Peruvian dishes to choose from, but the menu will depend on the specific restaurant that you dine at. This article will give you a general idea of some of the foods that are used in Peruvian cuisine and their health benefits. 1. Opt for a Side of Rice Rice is one of the main foods served in Peruvian restaurants and is often included with the meals. The great thing about rice is that it is packed with health benefits, so you can’t go wrong with eating it. For example, consuming rice is a great way to increase your metabolism and get an energy boost so you can be more productive. You might also find that your stomach aches less after eating meals, as rice is able to make having bowel movements easier. Your health will be better in general by consuming rice because it helps the immune system function better. 2. Enjoy a Dish That Includes Chili Peppers Chili peppers are commonly used for adding flavor to Peruvian dishes. There are a few great benefits that you will enjoy by consuming chili peppers. Reducing inflammation in the body is one of the things that chili peppers are able to do, as they contain a substance known as capsaicin. The capsaicin is also able to help with relieving pain and clearing out mucus from your noses and throat. A few of the other ways that chili peppers are beneficial to your health includes reducing blood cholesterol, preventing stomach ulcers, and decreasing the risk of type 2 diabetes. 3. Choose Chicken for Your Meat Item If you want a healthy meat option when dining at restaurants, chicken is commonly prepared in the Peruvian cuisine. You can enjoy a meal with chicken in it without feeling concerned about your health because it is very beneficial. Consuming chicken is great for improving the condition of your muscles because it contains a large amount of protein. You will also benefit because your bones can become stronger from the vitamin D that is contained in chicken. Start compiling a list of the Peruvian restaurants, like Inka Grill, that are located in your area so you can begin having a healthier dining...

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What To Order At A Pizza Restaurant If You’re Cutting For An Upcoming Bikini Fitness Contest

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If you’re a few weeks away from competing in a bikini fitness competition, then you know how important it is to stay on a strict diet. Cutting fat is very difficult, especially when you’re looking to maintain muscle. The one thing that most people know is that you want to avoid high calorie foods that are heavy with refined carbs. While this might seem like it rules out dinner at a pizza restaurant, that’s not necessarily the case. As long as you know what you can order off the menu, then you will be fine. Salad Pizza This is a type of pizza that is made without cheese. Instead of mozzarella cheese, it is topped with fresh vegetables. As you might expect, it has tomatoes, lettuce, onions, peppers and black olives. Some restaurants will then sprinkle on some grated hard cheese. The pizza doesn’t have all of the fat that regular pizza has, and as an added benefit, it will fill you up because of the fiber in all of the fresh vegetables. So, you’re less likely to want a second or third slice. Try restaurants like Chuck’s Pizza. Antipasto Salad This is a salad that is high in protein. It’s made with meets, cheeses, and olives. Typically you will find soppressata, provolone, Genoa salami, mozzarella, roasted red peppers, black olives, and tomatoes. The dish is covered in olive oil and vinegar. The dish is great for maintaining muscle because you have the protein from the cheese and meats. It’s a great alternative to a couple slices of regular pizza which have all that unnecessary white bread. Chicken Francese This is an Italian American classic that you will find in most pizza restaurants. It’s made by breading chicken breasts and then frying them. Next, the pan is used to make the sauce. Lemon juice, white wine, and butter is added to the pan and reduced. This is then poured over the fried chicken along with fresh parsley. The dish is full of protein, which is what you want to maintain your muscle. It’s also got virtually no carbs, which is great. Fried chicken gets a bad rap, so as long as you don’t go wild and eat a bucket of fried chicken, you will be fine. The dish is often served with a side of bread, which you should skip. Instead, order a plain garden salad. Shrimp Scampi This is a great dish for fans of seafood. It’s great for maintaining you muscles because shrimp have around 17 grams of protein per serving. The preparation involves sauteing the shrimp in butter, garlic, and then adding fresh lemon juice and parsley at the end. Some places will even add a touch of vermouth. This is another meal that tends to be served with bread, so just ask the server for a salad instead of the...

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Three Homemade Sauces That Taste Delicious On Steak

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If you want to take your steak to the next level, try topping it with a homemade sauce. These three restaurant-quality sauces enhance the flavor of the meat rather than covering it, and they each come together in only a few minutes, so you can enjoy your dinner in no time. Blue Cheese Sauce This smooth, creamy sauce is flavored with blue cheese, the perfect partner to a juicy steak. Ingredients: 2 tablespoons butter 2 tablespoons flour 1 cup milk 1/3 cup crumbled blue cheese 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon black pepper Combine the flour and butter in a saucepan, and cook over medium-low heat for 2 minutes. Whisk in the milk, salt, and pepper. Continue whisking until the mixture thickens—about 5 – 8 minutes. Stir in the blue cheese, and keep heating until it melts. Remove the sauce from the heat, and use as desired to top your steak. Red Wine Reduction Make this sauce after you’ve prepared a steak in a skillet. Its flavor is derived, in part, from the drippings in the pan. Ingredients: 3/4 cup dry red wine, such as Merlot 1 clove garlic, minced 1 tablespoon butter a pinch of dried thyme Once your steak has finished cooking in the skillet, add the garlic and thyme, and saute gently for 1 minute. Pour in the red wine, and use your spoon to scrape and loosen any drippings from the bottom of the pan. Let the wine come to a simmer and reduce for about 5 minutes, or until its volume has reduced by half. Add the butter to the pan, and stir just until it melts and incorporates into the sauce. Enjoy! Buttery Herb Sauce This sauce is made in the food processor and takes just seconds to whip up. Butter and mayonnaise may sound like a strange combination, but once you spoon this thick sauce onto your steak, you’ll understand what all the hype is about! Ingredients: 2 tablespoons butter, softened to room temperature 1/4 cup mayonnaise 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce 1 teaspoon fresh dill, minced 1 teaspoon fresh basil, minced 1 teaspoon fresh rosemary, minced 1 pinch of salt Combine all of the ingredients in the food processor, and process until smooth. The mixture will be thick, but it will melt once you spoon it on top of a warm steak. Consider using a melon baller to create uniform, round spoonfuls of this sauce to place on your steak. For more steak combo ideas, contact professionals like Bullwinkles Top Hat...

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3 Tips To Eat Less Pizza On Pizza Night (And Still Feel Full)

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If you are watching what you eat these days, you might assume that you’ll have to put a stop to your regular pizza nights. However, this isn’t necessarily true at all. If you watch your portion sizes, you can still enjoy pizza without going overboard. Luckily, following these tips can help you eat less pizza and stay on track with your diet while still feeling full. 1. Have A Salad First Before you have your first slice of pizza, consider having a fresh, healthy salad first. If you’re waiting for a pizza to bake in your oven at home or if you are waiting on delivery, you can throw together a salad to munch on while you wait. If you’re at a restaurant, consider hitting up the salad bar or having a side salad. Skip the fattening salad toppings, such as croutons and bacon bits, and load up on tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and other healthy veggies instead. By having a salad first, you’ll help ensure that you don’t dive into the pizza headfirst while you’re starving and when you might be prone to eat too much. Plus, you’ll start out your meal with some healthy vitamins and nutrients, making the whole meal a little bit healthier. 2. Choose Smaller Slices Sometimes, it’s all in your head. If you’re used to eating two or three slices of pizza, you might not feel as if you have had enough until you have eaten the same number of slices that you always eat. You can help trick yourself into eating less while still being satisfied by asking to have the pizza cut into more slices. Many pizza restaurants will cut a pizza into 12 slices rather than eight, for example. 3. Load Up With (Healthy) Toppings A pizza that has more toppings is generally going to be more filling. Even though adding extra pepperoni might not be a sound decision when you’re on a diet, there are  tons of healthy toppings that can be completely satisfying without wrecking your diet. For example, consider loading your pizza up with tons of vegetables. You’re sure to feel more satisfied if your pizza is loaded, and choosing veggies instead of meat will help you check your calories and fat grams in check. As you can see, there are ways that you can fill yourself up with pizza without totally blowing your diet. Next time that pizza night rolls around, consider these tips so that you can stay on track without feeling as if you are missing out on anything. If you’re interested in ordering a pizza soon, check out places like UNO Pizzeria &...

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Distinguishing Between The Most Commonly Served Types Of Crabs

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What is it about king crab that makes it so much more expensive than other varieties like snow crab, and is the difference in flavor really worth the added price? A quality seafood restaurant will always distinguish which type of crab is being used in any particular dish; understanding which crabs you enjoy most and how they are traditionally cooked can make picking the right entree simple and reduce the risk that it will not be to your individual taste.  Blue Crabs Blue crabs are the staple crab of the East Coast, named for their vibrant shells. Besides being abundant and relatively easy to catch, these crabs are many diners’ favorites thanks to their sweet, tender meat. Blue crabs can be used in nearly any crab dish, ranging from chowders to cakes to whole legs and claws. Soft shell crabs, which are simply molted blue crabs, are particularly rare and sought after, and they can be eaten whole when prepared correctly, including by frying. If you see true soft shell crabs on the special board, they are well worth considering.  Dungeness Crabs On the other side of the country, in the Pacific Ocean, dungeness crabs are the mainstay of seafood aficionados. Valued for their thick, meaty claws and legs and overall size, dungeness crabs are frequently served whole and cracked in half to provide better access to the succulent white body meat as well. You may, however, find dungeness crabs in any type of dish. Female dungeness crabs are smaller and typically thrown back when caught, leaving only the quality males for dining purposes.  Snow Crab Snow crabs resemble nothing so much as giant sea spiders, with small bodies perched on long, plump legs. Their legs and claws are their primary selling point, and that is how they are usually served. Snow crabs can be found in both the Pacific and the Atlantic, making them a popular fresh option on either coast and anywhere in between.  King Crab The most prized crab regularly sold in the United States is the Alaska king crab — a giant, spiked monstrosity that dominates the cold coastal waters of the Northern Pacific. King crabs have very firm but juicy meat, particularly in their long, sturdy legs. King crabs are usually sold and served by their legs alone, since the spiny body is difficult to crack open and relatively small for the effort. Recent population declines and fishing hazards have made them a rare find in many restaurants today, so if your local seafood restaurant has them on offer, you may want to jump at the...

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Five Exciting Restaurant Trends For 2016

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Food fads come and go, and most good restaurants try at least some of them out for size. Those that customers take a liking to generally stick around and become classics, while fads that fail to find a following usually fade away. Most diners find it fun to try new things, however. Following are five exciting restaurant trends for 2016 that may or may not evolve into culinary classics.  Locally Sourced Meat  Although the farm-to-fork movement has been a prominent player on the national culinary scene for several years now, that’s usually involved fruits and vegetables rather than meat. However, one of 2016’s major food trends in locally sourced meat. Instead of those lamb chops coming all the way from new Zealand, for instance, they’ll be coming from a farm within easy driving distance from the restaurant. This may result in less standardized cuts of meat, such as short ribs and hanger steaks, and many restaurants have started making their own sausage on the premises.  Comfortably Casual Atmospheres    Several years ago, it seemed as if almost every restaurant out there was trying to be a fine dining establishment. However, many chefs and restaurant owners are returning to a a casual front-of-the-house ambiance that focuses on inclusion and comfort rather than formalities.  Although true fine dining will probably always have a place on the American culinary landscape, most diners really appreciate places with non-fussy atmospheres that make no pretensions.  Black Raspberries ​ Berries of all kinds have been on the superfoods list for a number of years, and for good reason. They’re brimming with vitamins and antioxidants, and they taste fabulous whether baked into pies, stirred into pancake or muffin batter, or spooned over ice cream for a delicious after-dinner treat. This year’s superstar berry is the black raspberry — it’s said to have three times the amount of antioxidants of red raspberries and blackberries.  ​Oatmeal  Oatmeal has been a family restaurant staple for years. What’s different about 2016’s oatmeal is that instead of the traditional two-percent milk, brown sugar, maple syrup, and walnuts, it’s available with add-ons such as coconut milk and ancient grains. You’ll also see steel cut and locally grown oats instead of the standard generic oats usually used to make oatmeal with.  Uniquely Flavored Water Coconut water was last year’s craze, and all types of flavored water are following on its heels in 2016. You’ll find cactus water, birch water, and even gluten-free water on menus all over the country this year! For more information, contact a restaurant like The Loading...

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Four Ways To Plan An Elegant Dinner Party

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When planning a dinner party, you want to plan an elegant event that your guests will remember forever. Fortunately, accomplishing this goal isn’t impossible if you know what to do. Here are just some of the tools you can use to plan an elegant dinner part. Reserve A Private Dining Space Inviting someone to a dinner party is in no way a declaration that they will be enjoying a meal prepared by you. It’s simply an invitation to enjoy dinner together so consider private dining. Your guests will be nothing less than wowed to learn that you have reserved a dining space for your event. Private dining offers all the benefits of being in your home, including the luxury of personal space, but without the hard work preparing and cleaning up. Be Personal True elegance is in the details. Adding personal elements when it comes to the décor of the party space is a great step. For instance, instead of using traditional name cards to show everyone their seat assignment, do something different. One option is to have wine glasses crafted with the names of each guest inscribed on them. In addition to serving as a seating assignment for the table, this also offers a memorable gift each person can take away with them.   Create A Theme Consider incorporating a theme for your dinner party. Two elegant theme ideas are Great Gatsby or Roaring 20s. From tailored tuxedos to beautiful beaded gowns, asking your guests to look the part will add a level of class to your event and also make for a lot of laughter and enjoyment. To make things easier for your guests, research local costume rental companies in your local area and provide your guests with their contact information. Remember Less Is More When it comes to elegance, the mantra that less is more reigns supreme. This is very important when it comes to decorations. Even if you are planning a themed event, the quickest way to downgrade an event from classy to trashy is clutter. A simple table display with a beautiful tablecloth and centerpiece is pretty much all you need to set the tone for your dinner party. Even if you are hosting the event in a private dining space or with a caterer, like Silicon Valley Corporate Catering and Event Management, you can request minimal table clutter. Make sure you are putting forth an effort to plan a memorable and elegant dinner party for your guests to...

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Love To Eat Out But Starting A Diet? You Can Dine At Your Favorite Restaurant And Get Away With It

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If you love to dine out at all your favorite American food restaurants, but you’re trying to cut calories and watch your weight, you can use a few tips to stay on your diet and still enjoy when you’re out to eat. By knowing what to eat and how much of it is key, means that you don’t always have to skip dessert. If controlling your appetite and how much order when you’re at a restaurant is a problem, don’t give yourself the chance to overeat. Here are a few easy suggestions that can keep you at your favorite American restaurants. Only Ask for Half An easy way to consume too many calories of your favorite dish is to eat everything that they bring out on your plate, since many portions in restaurants are too large. Instead of cleaning your plate, ask the server if they can put half of your meal in a to go box before it even hits your table. This way you only eat half the calories you would have eaten, you don’t have to miss out on the meal that you wanted, and you can enjoy the rest of the meal the next day or another time. Remove the Bread If you want to order an American food classic like a large cheeseburger, or anything that has a lot of bread, just ask that the item be wrapped in lettuce instead. You still get all of the cheese, meat, bacon and other toppings that make the burger or sandwich taste delicious, but you aren’t consuming the unhealthy starches that are buttered and saturated in grease. Eat a Salad or Appetizer  Eating a salad before or an appetizer may seem like it would add calories to the meal, but curbing your appetite and filing your stomach with lettuce, vegetables, or a healthy appetizer like shrimp can help prevent you from over eating during meal time, and it will be packed with nutrients. These are three easy ways that you can stop yourself from over indulging and overeating when you are out at your favorite restaurant, eating all of your favorite foods. Don’t be scared to go out and enjoy a meal because you are on a diet and you want to lose weight. Instead, make sure that you use your calories on the foods that you can’t resist and that you don’t waste your calories on unnecessary side...

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So You’re Throwing Your First Cocktail Party: Here’s How To Cater For It

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Throwing your first cocktail party is an exciting moment, especially if you have a large group of friends and a skilled ability for picking delicious mixed drinks. However, catering for a cocktail party is almost as important as choosing the best liquors. Here’s what you need to know. The Nature Of A Cocktail Party Before you decide on the type of foods you’ll offer at your cocktail party, it’s important to understand the atmosphere generated at most. Generally speaking, cocktail parties are rather informal gatherings that bring together a tight group of friends and potential friends. They are thrown as a way to mingle, strengthen friendships, and get to know new people. As a result, sipping on a variety of drinks and enjoying some rather light snacks is typically encouraged. Finger foods and snacks are the primary food focus and are chosen for their ability to mix well with the various types of alcohol that will be drank during the party. Food That Goes Well With Cocktails When choosing your food, it is important to choose a variety of items that will mix well with various types of drinks and taste palates. In that way, just about everyone at your party can be satisfied. Food that goes well with a variety of cocktails includes: Cheese and meat slices Nachos topped with beef and various peppers Beef jerky Simple sushi rolls Oysters Small tacos Fresh fruit, especially honeydew melon and cantaloupe Various types of dark chocolate Chocolate and vanilla puddings Presenting The Food When it comes to presenting the food at your cocktail party, informality is your best bet. Try to scatter small trays of food on various tables throughout the party. In this way, people can have easy access to your food without having to travel too far from a comfortable standing or sitting location. While most of your food is probably safe to present on plates, some may require a little ice to remain cool, such as melon slices and other bits of fruit. Simply place a small layer of ice on the bottom of a tin tray and lay your fruit directly on top. This will help keep it tasty. With these simple catering tips, your cocktail party will go off without a hitch. And with any luck, everyone will remember the delicious food at your party just as much as they remember the drinks. That’s true party success! For more catering tips, contact a company like The Great Wall...

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Healthy Gourmet Sandwich Ideas You’ll Love

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When it comes to all-American food, the sandwich is without a doubt a symbol of one of our nation’s favorite foods. But many sandwiches are slathered in fatty condiments or filled with waist-expanding extras like bacon or cheese. If you love delicious sandwiches but you’re trying to eat healthier, give some of these gourmet ideas a try and you’ll satisfy your taste buds while still getting to eat an amazing slice of Americana. Turkey And Arugula Turkey and sandwiches definitely go hand in hand, and this white meat packs an extra punch of protein for healthy muscles. Instead of iceberg lettuce which has little nutritional value, add some fresh arugula to the sandwich. Arugula is a dark green leafy vegetable with a slightly peppery taste and it’s rich in vitamins and nutrients. Put it on two slices of whole-wheat bread for added fiber and you’ve got a tasty sandwich that not only tastes great but it also has lots of good, whole ingredients. Slather on a little bit of apple butter to give it a moist flavor and you’re good to go. Alternative Egg Salad Egg salad is definitely an American favorite, but eggs are not necessarily the healthiest option, especially when they’re coated with mayonnaise. You can mimic this flavor and texture by combining cooked egg whites with fresh avocado and a bit of Dijon mustard. Avocado is a nutrient-dense food that has a creamy texture and you’ll definitely love the way it tastes in combination with the egg whites. Sprinkle the tasty combo with some sea salt and cracked pepper for extra flavor, and spread the mixture onto whole-grain bread for an amazing egg salad alternative. The Ultimate Chicken Salad Rather than make a sandwich using a traditional chicken salad recipe, try this ultra-healthy option. Take thin slices of freshly cooked chicken and combine them with fresh basil leaves for a flavor-packed punch. Add walnuts for crunch and you can even take it up a notch by adding some sauteed onions or mushrooms. Avocado makes a great spread for any sandwich, and it will give you a moist flavor without using fattening mayonnaise. Think of other ingredients that can help take this tasty and healthy sandwich to a whole new level without adding the extra empty calories. Sandwiches will always be a favorite lunchtime staple, but you can make them in a new, completely healthy ways that will be sure to please even the most discerning tastebuds. For more ideas, check out sandwich shops...

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